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Richard Klyver


Eastport, Maine

“You've all heard of taking the road less traveled. Well I have taken the road through the wilderness that no one else has traveled. Along the way I made many inadvertent discoveries. I believe that the motion I see in all living things--that which animates and forms a telling gesture--equates with Emotion. I see an Emotion that lifts, moves and elates, and it is this Emotion that is at the center of who and what we are--a dynamic part of the human spirit and of all that really matters. It makes the world beautiful and it makes us happy.”

Richard Klyver from the  Two Countries One Bay Studio Tour 2009

Richard Klyver

Richard Klyver is intimately familiar with the bronze casting process and his personal hand and oversight is in the process all the way from conception to patina.

Mr. Klyver lives in Eastport, Maine where he has his own foundry and sculpting studio. He is recognized as a leading expert in mold making and bronze pouring. This knowledge and skill enable him to cast everything from the miniature of a live dragonfly to the mass of a one ton dinosaur skull.

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