Jean Flahive

Maine author Jean Flahive wrote her autobiography in the seventh grade, and continued to build a successful career including higher education, consultant to the Passamaquoddy Tribe, rural communities and nonprofit organizations throughout Maine. Jean explains that her writing is triggered by an emotional reaction to something she has seen or experienced. These inspirations have turned her into a skilled researcher and talented writer. Jean’s books blend human lives with historical events and times. Jean has written several history based stories, including several offered at The Commons — Remember Me, The Canoe Maker, both co-authored with Passamaquoddy Historian, Donald Soctomah. She has two new books The Old Mainer, and an historical novel featuring Teddy Roosevelt. Jean says she is now enjoys more fully the passion for stories that first consumed her as a young girl. She has the youthful autobiography that launched her passion for writing on her desk — beside her growing collection of award winning books.

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