Felted Stone by Cheryl Gerding


SKU: CG-100-S3

Like stones on the shore, each Felted Beach Stone is different, yet each has paths and circles that form the Legend of the Campobello Island Wishing Stones. Local legend says that Beach Fairies dance on the stones and leave the patterns.  The finder of such a stone gets to make a wish for each complete circle that surrounds the stone. See mention of the Legend and a photo from the Island’s famed Herring Cove Beach in Brian Flynn’s book, Wisdom of the Stones.  We will select a Felted Stone for you —or a grouping for a decorative collection to create a display sure to be a conversation piece.

– The Legend of the Wishing Stones as found in Wisdom of the Stones by Brian Flynn.

The Felted Beach Stones are the approximate size of an egg or an apple. Sold individually.


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