Authentic Passamaquoddy Miniature Candy Basket


SKU: PN-103-S3

Petite Passamaquoddy Baskets by Passamaquoddy Elder, Peter Neptune. These baskets are perfectly crafted to hold candies, small treasures or stand alone displaying the ancient tribal natural beauties of hand cut brown ash strips and the sacred strands of sweet grass—both harvested on the Passamaquoddy lands. This tribal language phrase describes Peter’s work: Neke eposonutehket, eci-wolinaqahk ‘toposonutihil — “When he made baskets, they were very beautiful.”

This is a great way to start your collection of authentic Passamaquoddy baskets. Can be displayed with candy if you like!


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Base of basket is 2.2" high, 2.5" X 2.5" at the base, 3.25" across at the rim,  4" high at top of handle


Brown Ash, Sweet grass