The Gift of Words...

“I sparkle, but that’s not the only reason I’m precious…”

“An old wooden pier teeters and creaks at the edge of a cold sea…”

Brian W. Flynn

Dr. Flynn, a retired Rear Admiral/Assistant Surgeon General in the United States Public Health Service, has a distinguished history as consultant, writer, trainer, and speaker specializing in preparation for, response to, and recovery from the psychosocial aspects of large-scale emergencies and disasters. What Brian loves, whenever he can, is his summer home on nearby Campobello Island. Here, he has perfected his photography, song writing, guitar playing, and happy interaction with island residents and nature. He has created three inspiring books and a newly released CD called Campobello Sky. Please enjoy Brian’s works — Campobello Sky, Voices of the Fishermen, Wisdom of Stones and Voices of Stones as perfect gifts of hope and inspiration in difficult times.

(Eastport, Maine looks pure east across Passamaquoddy Bay onto Campobello Island, Canada.)

Learn more about Campobello Island in this video from Brian:

“I come from a long line of superstitious people…”

“May the tides of life wash you gently…”

Lanette Pottle

Having risen above a challenging past, Lanette Pottle has become a success strategist, mentor, author and presenter. Creator of the Time Creation Course, founder of Positivity Nation, and author of SMALL STEPS, BIG IMPACT, the book shown above, Lanette guides the reader through a set of small actions deigned to identify challenges, increase confidence, and chart the way forward to achieve your vision and realize your dreams.

Lanette was selected by TEDx Talks to present her story and strategies recently at a TEDx event in Houston. A perfect companion to Lanette’s book, the talk is now available on YouTube.

Lanette lives in the coastal community of Robbinston, Maine just twenty minutes north of Eastport. She is a friend of The Women of The Commons, and we are proud to present Lanette’s book here in our new Online Shop, and encourage you to see her on YouTube!

“When big feels overwhelming, start small.” 

-Lanette Pottle

Sember Lockwood

Beautiful Berkana Cards by Sember Lockwood Berkana is an ancient Norse word for for Birch Trees and is an historic symbol of growth, rebirth. healing, and feminine energy. For centuries, the multi uses of birch bark have allowed the creation of canoes, wigwams, scrolls, manuscripts — and now cards for special heartfelt messages. Framing one of these cards brings together nature, meaningful symbolism, and the creative artistic style of Maine artist Sember Lockwood in your home or office.

Anne Hill

Garden Glory — and By The Sea cards evoke the beauty of seaside wonders and bring more than an inspiring message, they bring a small piece of colorful art to add to your home or office. These cards are printed on 100 lb. Cougar Cover Stock and fit into a 5X7 frame. The garden and seaside scenes on these cards can be found along water’s edge of both Passamaquoddy Bay and The Great Bay of Fundy, in the picturesque town of St. Andrews By-The-Sea, an historic Canadian community across the bay from Eastport.

Alexandra Campbell-Mickelinc

Wildlife Wonders are the perfect words to describe the charming views in this six card pack created by watercolorist Alexandra Campbell-Mickelinc. Waiting to carry lovely messages within, the cards can also be used in individual frames or together in a creative hanging grouping to be enjoyed again and again. The charm of Maine’s “special small birds”, as well as Maine’s beautiful native flowers, and Maine’s tasty and healthy blueberries are constant smile makers in your home or office.

The Gift of Art...

Alanna Baird

Redefining the Art of Recycling Metal

Houting sculpture by Alanna Baird


Houting II by Alanna Baird

Houting II

Okitobi !!! by Alanna Baird

Okitobi !!!

Okitobi XI by Alanna Baird

Okitobi XI


Renate Caraballo

Paintings of Sea and Sky

Marcia Crumley

Paintings of Sea and Sky

John Cashore

Fill your heart and soul — and maybe even add to your home and office —with beauty.

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