“Dreamwalk” CD by Rolfe Richter


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Rolfe Richter is a Passamaquoddy native flute player and story teller living at Sipayik, Pleasant Point. Rolfe’s affinity for what he calls “musical stories” tell of the woods, waters, lands, people and creatures found within his history and his homeland. Rolfe’s original pieces have been created at the edge of Passamaquoddy Bay near sacred Split Rock. Rolfe’s CD, called Dreamwalk, is meditative and evocative. His music is said to come from something greater than himself — the spirit of the trees from which his flutes are carved, his ancestry that speaks through him, and his love and honor of all creatures — great and small. Rolfe has recently created his own flute, and hopes to continue making music, telling stories, and creating a line of hand crafted native flutes.

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