Harvest Home – Beautiful Music for Thanksgiving (CD) by Castlebay


Harvest Home: Beautiful Music for Thanksgiving

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“A cornucopia of melodies from the American Celtic folk tradition arranged for Celtic harp, woodwinds, fiddle, viola, cello and guitar. Handcrafted wooden instruments recall the elegance and charm of a bygone era.

Thanksgiving- a time for convivial gatherings of friends and family from near and far; celebrations in gratitude for loved ones, bountiful harvests, and good health. These musical selections reflect loving relationships, journeys made over bonnie hill and dale, the warmth of house and hearth, and the simple gifts of good food and drink. The music ranges from that which would have been heard by the first colonists in New England to melodies inspired by people and places in our own lives. It is our hope that it will provide a peaceful and joyous accompaniment to your harvest holidays.

Castlebay has been musically weaving together the heritage of New England and the Celtic lands since 1987. Members Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee have loved and researched traditional music for most of their lives and blend history, legend and experience into their personable performance style. Their concerts feature poignant ballads sung in Lane’s ethereal soprano and Gosbee’s rich baritone interspersed with joyous dance tunes played on Celtic harp, guitar, fiddle and tin whistle. Castlebay treats the audience to a musical journey through time and across the Atlantic.” – Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee of Castlebay


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