The Mastery of Small Things

Three of our jewelry artists have mastered using little finds to make Big Impressions.

Laura Pierce

Laura Pierce loves Downeast beaches and finding tiny treasures the tides bring in or uncover. Beach glass, pottery shards, and shells are the natural stars of her  colorful and attention grabbing pieces.  Expect to see smiles when wearing these  natural wonders, smoothed and polished from the sea and shore working together.

Jean Stoneton

Jean Stoneton loves to design enticing pieces using cultured beach glass wrapped in tiny sterling silver wires to produce distinctive pieces that are great with any attire.  One favorite design is the spiral, inspired by the galaxy in the dark night sky Downeast and the spin of the whirlpool in the bay off shore from Jean’s home and studio.

Jeanette Ware

Jeanette Ware loves creating sterling silver miniature pieces inspired by Mother Nature’s favorite designs — circles, stars, curves, points, fractals. Each miniature brings with it a charm and compliments. Perfect for both casual and formal wear.

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