Beauty by the Sea

We have reached into each area of our site to create this Featured Collection inspired by Aquamarine – a color of spring — and symbolizing the sea.


“Beautiful bracelets- well made and great gifts.”

– Beverly Heinritz, Key Largo, FL on “World on Your Wrist” Turquoise Bracelet

  • Kyanite Wrap Bracelet

  • Maine Sea Stones Necklace with Apatite

  • “Fishbone” Druzy Earrings

  • Woven Fish Earrings (Natural & Teal)

  • “Mermaid Tears” Sterling Silver Earrings

  • Turquoise “Trail Earrings”

  • Sold

    Ocean Blue Energy Spiral Sterling Necklace

  • Glass Moon Necklace (Blue & Silver)

  • Glass Moon Necklace (Cobalt & Silver)

  • Glass Moon Necklace (Blue-Green)


Home Decor

“I have one of these hanging in a window in my house year ’round. So beautiful I bought it as a gift to myself. Thinking of buying more for friends far from the shore.”

– Mary Anderson on Mussel Shell Decor by Meg McGarvey

  • Mussel Shell Decor

  • Tide Catcher III

  • Tide Catcher V

  • Fish on Garden Tour I

  • Fish on Garden Tour II

  • Fish on Garden Tour IV


Art Prints

  • “Sailor’s Valentine” Lino Block Print

  • "Urchin" Lino Block Print by Alanna Baird

    “Urchin” Lino Block Print


Felted Bags

  • Red “River Rocks” Felted Wool Tote

  • Blue “River Rocks” Felted Tote



  • Campobello Sky (CD) by Brian Flynn

  • Rolfe Richter's CD Dreamwalk

    “Dreamwalk” CD by Rolfe Richter

  • Imram: A Celtic Musical Journey (CD) by Castlebay

  • Song of the Sea (CD) by Castlebay

  • The Skye Suite (CD) by Castlebay

  • Islands in Time (CD) by Castlebay


Books, Cards & More

“I absolutely love my book, it is a great escape when my mind’s needs a break. Thank you!”

– Lisa Logan on The Wisdom of Stones by Dr. Brian Flynn

  • Felted Stone by Cheryl Gerding

  • The Voices of Fishermen On Superstitions by Brian W. Flynn

  • The Voices of Stones: On Loss & Hope

  • The Wisdom of Stones by Dr. Brian Flynn

  • “By the Sea” Art Card Set by Anne Hill

  • The Old Mainer and the Sea (hardcover)

  • The Secret Pool (hardcover)

  • The Secret Bay

    The Secret Bay (hardcover)

  • Pier at the end of the World

    Pier at the End of the World (hardcover)

  • Remember Me (softcover)

  • Finding Diamonds (hardcover)


Be Inspired by the Beauty of the Sea

Enjoy a unique and handcrafted piece from artists and artisans of Maine – inspired by the beauty of the sea and the coast surrounding Eastport.