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Wrap a Kristen McNulty Naturally Inspiring Bracelet Collection piece around your wrist, and you’ll know you are wearing a tribute to nature’s wonders that you can constantly see, feel, touch
and honor with the same joy for nature that Kristen has woven into every creation. Admirers will be asking you about the circle of natural beauty you are wearing!
Her bracelets come in S/M/L and XL and are best if not worn while swimming or bathing. This unique Wrist Wrap allows an elongated single strand woven bracelet to be wrapped around the wrist two times with the ‘Howlite Doublet’ or three times with the ‘Wedgewood Blue Triplet’, making a beautiful presentation as well as a unique, casual/dressy appearance.  Be ready for lots of compliments!

Size Chart: 

Small fits a 6.75 inch wrist
Medium fits a 7 inch wrist
Large fits a 7.25 inch wrist
Extra-Large fits a 7.5 inch wrist

Additional information


leather, linen, glass, and stone


Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small


Howlite doublet (white), Wedgewood blue triplet

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