Tide Catcher II


SKU: MM-TC-100-S3

These creations of tinned copper wire, shells and glass, contain objects tidal waters bring to the beach.  The featured scallop shells, the symbol of journey will vary, along with stones, sea glass and other shells.   Each one is unique and beautiful.  Hang one in your window, or on a wall.  It will always bring you back to the sun on the water and the fresh salt air.

Meg McGarvey is one of the partners in The Commons, an Eastport community leader,  and a fiber and stained glass artist. Her talents have been perfected during her days at Cornell University and Maine’s Haystack School of Craft.  Bringing natural finds from the edge of Passamaquoddy Bay, Meg has created small beauties that are at home on walls, displayed in windows and distinctive in holiday decor settings.


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copper wire, shells and glass


Approx. 7 inches in diameter